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Weird stuff just happened.

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I just installed malwarebytes and bought premium with a 7 day free trial. I also noticed google play services hasn't updated in a while, longer than usual. I decided to use the link to google play services in the app store provided by Malwarebytes in the application manager. My hunch was correct and it was out of date and not autoupdating. I decided to update it successfully and then the Google store was stuck permanently loading and I was unable to do anything. I had to factory reset my phone which seemed to fix it? Now with my factory reset phone Malwarebytes is unable to recognize I have a premium trial and I can't even buy premium because Google play keeps saying I'm not allowed to use cash on the account outside of the US, while I'm in the US, I even tried turning my VPN off for an hour and trying again. What now?

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4 minutes ago, BetaCat096 said:

Contact google, malwarebytes and your phone manufacturer. Seems like an issue with android. What version are you on?

Android 14 kernel 5.15.110 running on a pixel 8 pro. How would I even go about contacting google? They seem intent on no one being able to contact them in any meaningful way given how their customer support is set up.

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UPDATE: still haven't tried contacting google as unless you spend thousands of dollars they will throw any message you send them into the AI autocomplete dumpster.

However I was able to purchase Malwarebytes premium fine. I guess google is just auto blocking purchases for 24hrs after I attempt to buy something on a vpn.

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