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I sit on a volunteer committee for the regional group of a scientific association and as part of that, I manage our website. It does not have an SSL as we do not collect any payment information and we don't have a username and log in area. The only information we would collect are email addresses through a mailing list sign up form. The website is www.iftbritishsection.org

I've just tried to access the site to add an event for our members and got the error message below. Does this indicate that the issue is only because we don't have an SSL certificate on the site or is there something more serious going on? 


Website blocked due to insecure login

Website Blocked: iftbritishsection.org

v2.6.17 | Heuristics: insecure login

Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this page because it may contain malicious activity.

We strongly recommend you do not continue. You may be putting your safety at risk by visiting this site. For more information, visit  Malwarebytes Support.


Any advice  would be much appreciated. 

Many thanks,


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