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Our company website shows Riskware from a different domain


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Hello team,

When loading our website, a Riskware notification sometimes displays, but it's from a different domain that's not ours. We've checked our URL/site using various tools, and everything comes back clean. Please advise if this is a false positive or if we're missing something.

Our domain is thekallective.com or https://www.thekallective.com/. The domain that's shown on the alert is life.judyfay.com.

Screenshot 2023-04-27 093454.png

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One other question.

How does the life.judyfay.com Riskware alert show up when viewing my domain thekallective.com? I'm not associated with the judyfay site at all, but that is what shows up on my domain. Can you provide any insight into why that is?


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