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MalwareBytes- "No permission"

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I'm having some trouble with getting malwarebytes to run, along with hijackthis, both work via setup, but when hijack this ran, no logfile was created.

Here is a previous post:

"Hi, Not sure if this is the correct forum, but I've seen issues similar to this one being posted.

I've been using MalwareBytes for quite some time now as its been so good at decimating just about every problem I've had with malware.

However as of today I have been unable to run the application. Telling me I don't have permission, now I'm pretty sure that I do have permission being on the admin account, so I'm assumming that this is malware related. I was able to circumnavigate this problem by running setup for mbam, the program would update and run fine, but once you started a scan, it would prepare, then at about the time you'd expect the actual scan to start, the program would just dissapear from the screen.

I have several issues that are affecting the computer visibly:

1. Malware + Hijackthis not running.

"Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropiate permissions to access the item."

2. Being re-directed from webpages to random sites, on firefox, so far only from a search engine.

3. Mysterious "a.exe" and "b.exe" proccesses running that slow the comptuer down and chuck the CPU usage up to +90%.

Before this lockout problem, MalwareBytes would keep freezing when performing an extra and heuristics scan, I'm unsure as to whether this is related.

Unfortunately I do not have any error logs for you, but still would appreciate anything.

Any help is very much appreciated.

Thanks alot in advance.

Tim "

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Hello and welcome to Malwarebytes.

I Apologize for the late response.

If you still require assistance, we would like to see the latest state of your system. So, please post a New Hijackthis log. In your reply, I would also like to know any symptoms you may still have and how your computer is running at the moment.

Take a read in this thread on instructions on how to post a Hijackthis log and other further instructions:


Please note that the forum is very busy and if I don’t hear from you in five days this thread will be closed.

With Regards,


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