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Infected with Trojans, etc

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Hi, I believe I am being targeted, or was targeted a few weeks ago by a malicious hacker(s). I made a name for myself in the high level community of a video game from the hours I would put in and the high intensity methods I would utilize. Some didn't like this for some reason and began harassing me on my gaming twitter, which I promptly deleted because I wanted no drama whatsoever. This, however, did not stop the malicious person/persons from targeting me, they wanted me to quit the game and doxed me from my old twitter avatar they had saved, and messaged me my IP address in game, even though I had never clicked any IP grabbers or fishy links. I thought they would leave me alone after I quit for a few weeks but my PC is now censoreded up and turns off after about 10 minutes of playing any game. I have Malwarebytes Premium and it isn't finding any files when I run a threat scan. I didn't download a thing that was suspicious. I found an alternative virus scanner and am running it still and this is what it is showing me. u6PD6mV.png(ClamWin Antivirus)



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