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Possible rootkit activitiy?

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I got a desktop here which i think has been infected by a rootkit.

Now i reflashed BIOS and GPU and reinstalled windows7 pro.
Right after install i copied the logs.
In the logs of Microsoft-Windows-Security-Auditing i find this two user accounts (besides mine: JOHN-PC$)

User Accounts

I did not find a way to upload the .evtx file.
So pasted the log here: http://pastebin.com/WkFTYGdU

What are they and why are they here? Could this be rootkit activity adding a user?

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Im highly unproffesional but I got rid of a SUPER NASTY rootkit today and I used gmer to determine if I really did have any rootkit and it helped me realize it was for "REAL" that it wasn't my computer that went insane, rescue disk didn't spot anything , at all, not a single program listed anything

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