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I got hit with th virus spoke about here: https://blog.malwarebytes.org/cybercrime/2015/09/shopperz-alters-dnsapi-dll/


My problem is, after catching it with malwear bytes the virus kept coming back, and my ocmputer retsrated. Now my internet doesnt work anymore on my main pc, and when I try sfc /scannow i'm told its already running and cant do it. Addd problems are i can not start my computer into safe mode, as it freeses at a certain point and it wont even let me do a system restore even though i have a restore point.



Please can someone help me step by step, i need my comptuer for work and im stuck using a shitty laptop to make this thread. What do i do? this is seriously unstoppable for me.

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I FIXED IT, YES IM SHARING THIS WITH EVERYONE ENCASE SOMEONE HASTHE SAME PROBLEM. Mods can you edit this post in my OP post? i t wont let me


Heres how i fixed it, after reading the thread here:

i Download Portable Windows Repair (



ran it and it fixed my problem, hope this helps for anyone with the same problem

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