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MBAE vs Sandboxed (Sandboxie)


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Hey guys lets assume I ran an browser sandboxed, and visited an infected web which downloads exploit and then installed onto my computer, all I need to do is to delete the items in sandbox and the exploit is gone right?


So whats the use of MBAE then (Apart from the fact that it would protect users non-sandboxed)?





Another question. would MBAE able to protect exploits thru sandbox? Meaning having this two programming running together to increase protection?




Conclusion, is it worth to install MBAE? will it use lots of resources and is it worth to purchase premium?

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It would depend on the sandbox program and how it works along with your OS. I use Sandboxie and MBAE together on Windows 7 x64. My reasoning is that while sandboxie prevents any changes from persisting, it doesn't prevent exploits or keyloggers etc being added during each session. While a strict sandbox can mitigate this, I would rather stop the exploit in its tracks and prevent such a keylogger or whatever baddie the exploit is trying to insert from being used even once.

Here's the link for getting Sandboxie and MBAE to play nice: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/136424-frequently-asked-questions/page-2#entry911676


MBAE has been very light on my system but if it's worth purchasing premium, well, that'd be up to you. The free protections (eg standard app list) may be enough for you as they tend to cover a nice chunk of the most targeted programs. Your best bet would be to try it and see how many (if any) entries you end up adding to the list.

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