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hello! anyone heard of cryptonight?

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Hi Everybody!


Not sure whether this is the correct place to post this as am new to here?


Has anyone come across cryptonight being run by svchost.exe utilising 100% cpu?  I think its a bitcoin miner... but not much on internet about it?


I have been battling a trojan.agent and various others on a this machine which is a server running server 2008.  It was running sophos endpoint security which missed it and let it disable its protection. 


 I did not originally set up this server which has no firewall and blank administrator passwords and it runs a web server!!!!!!  It is configured by the developer of the bespoke software that they run which is highly strung.  Rather alarmingly It also contains much sensitive data and private records but hopefully this is encrypted by the compsoft equinox database that it runs and it is behind a draytek firewall?. I have alerted the company owners to the risks on numerous occasions but now they have this mess which i am trying to clean up. The machine is never used for any internet browsing,email, or have programs ever run directly on this machine so the infection must have come from another machine on the network? or could it possibly have come from an online attack?


 I have removed malware and viruses about 5 times now following my own processes and various other instructions and was pretty sure i had cleaned it every time.. but it keeps returning. It is a real battle now... I won't be beaten!!

I may need the assistance of some of your guys to remove, and check that there is something vital I'm not missing and clear this once and for all...



All the best



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