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h2Host and WOT reporting incorrectly based on Malwarebytes


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Attn: Malwarebytes

Please readthe letter below that was submitted to Support. They requested that I post the issue here. Im not sure this is the appropriate medium for this coorespondence.

Thank you,

Gemma Piscotti

Director of Operations

7search.com, Inc.


Attn: Malwarebytes,

We have recently been in communications with both WOT and h2Host regarding an inaccurate rating of our website www.7search.com. It seems that the poor rating is posted by Malwarebytes and these two other companies use your system. These reviews are portraying 7Search.com as a malicious entity. 7search has never been a malware website and this information is damaging our business

Our parent company, Emergency 24, operated a service up until 2005 called BrowserAccelerator (www.BrowserAccelerator.com). It provided a toolbar that users opted into and downloaded to their browser which then provided website ranking tools. The technology duplicates what Alexa.com provides. However, BrowserAccelerator unfortunately adopted the reputation of spyware/adware/malware. Therefore, we stopped the promotion of this service in 2005.

Due to the relationship between BrowserAccelerator.com and 7search.com, this is affecting our 7search.com property inaccurately.

We request that MalwareBytes research our company further and remove this rating that is affecting our business. How are you classifying BrowserAccelerator and why?

The main misunderstanding here is thinking that BrowserAccelerator.com is in any way doing anything malicious. It does not. A person simply installs the toolbar if they want to see ranks of websites. Very few people install it lately since toolbars are not in vogue anymore. We discontinued promoting the toolbar since 2005. But we cannot turn off the website completely because people who already have it may need information on what it is, etc. In addition, simply shutting it down would make it look like we are trying to hide something - whereas it never was a malicious software installed without users consent. It never was. Users install it and can easily uninstall it. Very similar to Alexa.

We do not provide spyware or adware and we have prided ourselves on quality products and services for over 40 years. Our parent company, Emergency 24, is consistently rated as the "most preferred" monitoring company by security professionals. Established in 1966 and incorporated in 1967, EMERgency 24 evolved to become the first alarm monitoring company catering exclusively to alarm installation dealers in 1972. In addition, we offer online services to webmasters and website owners to gain the trust of their visitors through third-party validation from a company that has secured the lives and properties of millions of Americans since 1967.

Please reply to this request to notify us when a review will be taking place.

Thank you

Gemma Piscotti

Director of Operations

7search.com, Inc.

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