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  1. I got further in making my BartPE install but it still failed. Anyway, I did search and found the "VBrun" plugin that installs the VB runtime files for BartPE...
  2. Hey SkeeterPE, Thank you for your efforts! I just bought 3 corporate licenses and I think I will be returning them (haven't installed them yet). I have used malwarebytes at home and I works well. I work at a university and have over 1000 machines in my department alone. I had my eyes set on making these three licenses work on BartPE to address severely infected machines. However, not being able to use this in a PE environment makes this product not cost effective for use at a university that is currently laying off staff left and right. We are moving over to McAfee antispyware solution soon as we are already one of their million dollar customers on the antivirus 8.7i side. BTW, I have Malwarebytes test installed on BartPE with VBrun installed to handle the VB needs. However, I get and error code when trying to scan #718...
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