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  1. Sadly, it is still giving me trouble. It works fine for a few minutes and then it says the trial has expired. This time, I was able to do a flash scan AFTER it said the trial expired, but when I closed the program and then reopened it, I was unable to flash scan, schedule, etc. It is a very weird situation. I am unsure as to why the program would act this way. My wife's system is running Vista and her trial works just fine. As well as an XP machine. My system is Win7. Very strange, indeed.
  2. Yeah, it did not work. My trial has expired, again. Yet it has only been an hour or so... So, what is(are) the next step(s)?
  3. I understand that the flash is the quickest of the scans, then the quick scan, finally the full scan takes the longest. If I use the flash or the quick scan, am I missing out on possibly catching malware? Are there certain situations when each type of scan is used? Thanks! Slashdot87
  4. by the way, thanks Ron as well as Daledoc1 for your help in tracking down this issue. I hope that solves the problem...
  5. I have done the above, so far it seems to have worked, but I will continue to update, if anything changes...
  6. Well, that kind of makes it impossible for me to add info to my post. We are asked not to reply to our own posts because it throws off those posts with ZERO replies for those helping. If the info is important, should I reply and add the info or wait until the post has been replied to? Thanks
  7. Hi everyone! First time poster. Does anyone know how to edit a post, once it has been made and posted? Thanks
  8. I updated Malwarebytes this afternoon and was quite excited that there was now a trial version. I promptly accepted the trial and ran a flash scan and quick scan -came up negative. About an hour or so later (give or take) I got a message that my trial had expired. This is rather odd. Any suggestions? As far as I know, my machines is clean. Thanks for any help.
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