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  1. Ref my posting yesterday, here is a typical MBAM log (today). I opened Skype this morning and MBAM again flagged up an outgoing connection issue. 07:54:20 (null) MESSAGE Protection started successfully 07:55:36 (null) MESSAGE Scheduled update executed successfully 07:55:39 (null) MESSAGE Scheduled scan executed successfully 07:55:54 John MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully 07:55:54 John MESSAGE IP Protection stopped 07:55:59 John MESSAGE Database updated successfully 07:56:00 John MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully 09:05:09 (null) MESSAGE Protection started successfully 09:05:
  2. Hello, Just downloaded & installed Skype to keep in touch with a family member moving abroad. Often when I start up Skype my Malwarebytes Anti Malware software brings up a warning message:- "Malwarebytes' Anti Malware has successfully blocked access to a potentially malicious website:" When I do some sleuthing I find the above IP address belongs to the Hotel Avalon in Riga, Latvia. Can anyone throw some light on this as I'm finding myself wary of using Skype now. Malwarebytes also ocasionally flags up a similar message referring to another couple of IP addressess when I run
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