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  1. Seems to be running better. Just curious, I still have Webroot SpySweeper installed on another computer, what is the tool that cleans everything off of the computer for Webroot? And should I do a normal uninstall before running that tool? Thanks for everything you've been great!!!
  2. Did have Norton on here at one time, but license has since expired. Am running Microsoft Security Essentials. I think it is starting up and closing down faster. I asked my wife if it seems to be running any faster, and she said that she didn't notice anything different. I do think that it still is a little slow at loading IE, but that may just be the way it is. I appreciate everything that you have done for me, and her.
  3. It starts and shuts down faster and seems to run good, but takes awhile for IE to load, and sometimes show "can't display the web page"
  4. I was able to do everything except delete "SmartDefrag" from the Scheduled Tasks tab. There wasn't an entry there for it. There was an entry for that file under the "Everything & Logon" tab. The entry says "file not found". Do you want me to delete that entries under those tabs? Computer seems to log on and close a little faster. Not as fast as it used to be, but that is to be expected. AutoRuns.zip
  5. Here is the info you requested. These Windows services are started: ##Id_String1.6844F930_1628_4223_B5CC_5BB94B879762## Application Layer Gateway Service Atheros Configuration Service Ati HotKey Poller Automatic Updates Background Intelligent Transfer Service Bluetooth Support Service Canon Camera Access Library 8 CeEPwrSvc COM+ Event System Computer Browser ConfigFree Service Cryptographic Services DCOM Server Process Launcher DHCP Client Distributed Link Tracking Client DNS Client DVD-RAM_Service Event Log Fast User Switching Compatibility FLEXnet Licensing Service Help and Support Infrared Monitor IPSEC Services Java Quick Starter LeapFrog Connect Device Service LightScribeService Direct Disc Labeling Service Microsoft Antimalware Service Network Connections Network Location Awareness (NLA) Plug and Play Print Spooler Protected Storage ProtexisLicensing
  6. Thanks, I started another topic for that under PC Help "Wife's Computer Running Slow". Thanks for everything! Steve
  7. Hi, You guys helped me before, and I wondered if you could take a look at my wife's computer, as for making for better performance and speed. Probably needs cleaned too.
  8. Wow, yes it loads faster, shuts down faster. World of difference. Thank you. Can I ask a question without sounding like I am taking advantage? If so, here goes. I know this stemmed from the MWB problem. My wifes laptop has got MWB on it also, and runs without any problem, but computer is getting very slow. Is there any way that we can do this with her computer also? She uses it for playing her games, and doing school work (elementary teacher). I just thought that I would ask, and totally understand if we can't. Steve
  9. Hey, Seems to be starting up and shutting down alot quicker. AutoRuns.zip
  10. I can't seem to find SSVHelper Class. I did everything except for finding and deleting that file in AutoRuns. Here is the info from the bat file you had me create: These Windows services are started: ##Id_String1.6844F930_1628_4223_B5CC_5BB94B879762## Application Layer Gateway Service Automatic Updates Background Intelligent Transfer Service Bluetooth Support Service COM+ Event System Computer Browser CryptSvc DCOM Server Process Launcher DHCP Client Distributed Link Tracking Client DNS Client EPSON V3 Service2(03) Event Log Fast User Switching Compatibility Help and Support Intuit Update Service IPSEC Services Java Quick Starter Microsoft Antimalware Service Network Connections Network Location Awareness (NLA) NVIDIA Display Driver Service Plug and Play Print Spooler Protected Storage Remote Access Connection Manager Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Secondary Logon Security Accounts Manager Security Center Server Shell Hardware Detection SSDP Discovery Service System Event Notification System Restore Service Task Scheduler TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper Telephony Terminal Services Themes WebClient Windows Audio Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) Windows Management Instrumentation Windows Time Wireless Zero Configuration Workstation The command completed successfully.
  11. I was just wondering what I could do as for disabling some things in startup, and tweeking some for performance of the computer
  12. No,..... thank you for helping solve this issue. Should I down load another program that deals with cookies etc, because I notice that MWB doesn't address the cookies put on the system by being on the internet, or would you not worry about it? And I will create that other thread so you can see what will speed up the logon and performance. Thanks again, it has been a pleasure working with someone with such a proffessional drive for helping others. The thread I started in the other area, that you directed me to is listed as "Startup and Performance Tweeking"
  13. I checked the first entry for the video epson, and left the other one un-checked as you suggested, rebooted, and did a quick scan, which ran 9 minutes all the way through with no problems, then tried printing with the printer, and printed. So all seems to be okay? Is AutoRuns a good program to leave on the desktop in case I want to disable something in the future? And I noticed Quicktime is enabled on startup. Is there any reason to leave that enabled. Just tyring to thing of some of these things that may make the computer startup quicker.
  14. I just noticed that I in fact didn't do exactly as you told me. When you asked me to do autoruns/logon tab, you asked me to check file video epson, and uncheck the other one. In fact what I did was uncheck both of them. I just ran AutoRuns again and confirmed that I unchecked both of them. Should I leave it that way? Is that just saying that neither one starts at start-up? I will try checking the first one and leaving the second one unchecked, but I have to get ready for a doctors appt:, will be back in about an hour. Just ran a quick scan again this morning, with NO complications or freezing.
  15. I have no idea. You told me to uncheck both of them in AutoRuns, so I did. Actually the one that connects me to the router on the main computer in the house is the one that starts with "video", because the computer that the router is hooked to, I have named "Video", because that is the computer that I do wedding videography on. So now when I go to, control/printers & faxes folder, there are 2 listings, "Epson Stylus Photo R300 Series on Video, and another one "Epson Stylus Photo R300 Series ready. The "on Video" is set at default, with the hand underneath. So what did unchecking them do?
  16. I ran a "normal" scan, not a quick one last night. It ran all the way through 4 hrs. with no problem. I downloaded and installed the printer software again, and then set up the printer as a network printer, this morning and ran a quick scan. It stopped at 33 seconds. AutoRuns.zip
  17. Thanks. Yes I ran a "quick scan" this morning, the normal way, not with the batch file. BUT, I don't have the printer software re-installed either, so I am not ready to jump the gun yet and say that it is fine. I haven't heard back yet from Exile360, so don't want to reload the software that he just had me load yesterday, till I hear back.
  18. I did run a scan this morninng out of curiosity, and it DID run all the way through, with no problem, but I will do what you just asked me to do. Maybe getting onto something here.
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