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  1. i would say better now that i know its safe lol. Thanks for helping. If theres anything else i need to do please let me know :)
  2. disregard. The cleaner says there nothing malicious on anything heres the file. AdwCleaner[S00].txt
  3. ok i have the fix log but not the ADWcleaner it just made me download malwarebytes againFixlog.txt
  4. I am very sorry about that. I hadnt seen mbst-grab-results.zipany emails about it. I have done all that is needed and this should be the file needed.
  5. I havent seen the popup in a while but i want to make sure my pc is safe. Thanks!
  6. As of today ive been seeing malwarbytes block something that says trojan and it appears in the c:/windows/$sxr-powershell or something of the sort. I saw a forum from malwarebyte that helped stop it from popping up by turning off the quick start and show hidden folders. This may have stoopped the popups but i want to be sure that my pc is safe and secure. Thanks!
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