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  1. Let me know if this isnt right but it concluded that it found nothing: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Microsoft Safety Scanner v1.387, (build 1.387.1997.0) Started On Sun Apr 23 17:15:05 2023 Engine: 1.1.20200.4 Signatures: 1.387.1997.0 MpGear: 1.1.16330.1 Run Mode: Interactive Graphical Mode Results Summary: ---------------- No infection found. Successfully Submitted MAPS Report Successfully Submitted Heartbeat Report Microsoft Safety Scanner Finished On Sun Apr 23 18:50:58 2023 Return code: 0 (0x0)
  2. So i got 'asked to playtest' and as my googles turned up nothing I downloaded the rar file and opened it. now I've got smth that's stolen my discord account and I don't know how to get it off my computer so that it doesn't take anything else. The malwarebytes app shows that nothing is wrong (I even tried scanning before and after i extrapolated the rar file). Please help. Addition.txt Malwarebytesscan.txt FRST.txt
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