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  1. A Tough Trojan, "Win32/Tiggre!rfn" has infected my computer (Windows 10, using Windows Defender, both always Updated). I don't know when my computer was actually infected, but Windows Defender did detect it. However, Defender was unable to get rid of it. So I downloaded Malwarebytes Premium, and am now using it alongside Windows Defender. A Windows Defender scan now sometimes shows "Win32/Tiggre!rfn" is still infecting the computer, and sometimes shows no threat. Whereas Malwarebytes Premium shows no infection after a scan. So I can't tell if the trojan is still doing it's dirty work! My question is: Is the Trojan still on my computer and unquarantined, or is this a Trojan that Malwarebytes has quarantined and is no longer a threat? BTW, the only weird behavior my computer is having, that I've seen, is that the Display is not turning off as instructed in Display Options. Also, (any) Screen Saver does not kick in after the minutes entered in the screen saver screen. Thanks! -Carl
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