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  1. everytime I try to install the update I get this message ? Website blocked due to adware Website Blocked: bits.avcdn.net v2.6.25 | Easylist: 202404051643 Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this page because it may contain malicious activity.
  2. will malwarebytes free version detect chameleon trojan on an android phone.
  3. yep already done ,also changed all passwords again.
  4. Ok malwarebytes license lifetime .there is a registered computer on my site . weird how they are getting around it double security sign in to my accounts .
  5. I ran nortons and malwarebytes and nothing shows up
  6. it may be an issue I have premium malwarbytes and looks like the got the key code .
  7. looking for best tool to detect a possible browser hyjack.
  8. Hey thanks ,there is one in already the last time they could not fix this I had too. but thank you anyway.
  9. It was ,it now states it needs to be activated and it will not let me stating I have exceded the amount allowed. but as I stated before I cannot put the license into my ccount it will not let me so I can see what is going on with them saying I have exceded the amount license's.
  10. Back in 2009 from Malwarbytes I cannot even register the license in my account it states I have exceded the amount of license's , I only have 1 comnputer using the new key code. cleverbridge, Inc. - 53 West Jackson Blvd. - Chicago, IL, 60604-3618 - United States
  11. I am unable to register my license subscription key on my malwarebytes page and now it states I have used too many license's .
  12. I am in need of some help please I have a lifetime license and had my key code replaced by malwarebytes ,I tried to activate the new key code by keep getting the "Installation Token not found". I used the support tool and uninstalled the program but still keep getting the same error .
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