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  1. Hello again, I also discovered something weird in the event Viewer, that an offline downlevel migration was set Knowing that my windows was up to date
  2. Hello, Yesterday, I did install some malicious software that attacked my whole computer, after that I did a light scan and a deep scan as uploaded "Scan_Report1.txt" and "Scan_report2.txt. After that attack, some of my account like PayPal/ Discord got hacked, plus in every file in my computer I can find a readme.txt inscribed in it The thing is My files are not encrypted, the moment I found at about this I cut off the internet and went on with the scan, but I still receive some alert from Malwarebytes which means there is still a problem even tho i went with the deep scan I don't know what to do anymore, that's why I'm here seeking your help. Thank you Scan_Report1.txt Scan_Report2.txt
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