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  1. I understand, thanks for the help I've checked the logs themselves thoroughly and they show nothing that I am unaware of and made me aware of a system restore point from before the strike happened so I will try that. This didn't go all the way but I can still say it has been useful in helping me clear some fears, thank you again.
  2. Here are the first two, I had actually just finished scanning with both of those programs before I started writing the post. Pardon me from asking whoever, what is necessary from the logs FRST makes? I am seeing information I'd consider sensitive in the frst.txt and additions.txt mwb scheduled scan.txt AdwCleaner[S00].txt AdwCleaner[C00].txt
  3. Hello, 4 days before I started using Malwarebytes I got hit by a exploit kit in a website through google which attempted to install a bunch of viruses or so it seemed, I am led to believe that Windows Defender at the time stopped it but the red "You're at risk!" and such only lasted a few seconds and wanting to be sure I installed Malwarebytes and have been doing frequent scans and researching. I'm unsure if this case is related to it or not to these connection attempts but at least for now I'm assuming it was the exploit kit. Once a day since then I it seems that Firefox attempts a Outbound Connection with a specific IP which Malwarebytes has been blocking, the following picture is the latest one. I haven't been turning off my PC trying to pinpoint the issue and I'm at least certain it always attempts to connect to this IP albeit at a different port and time every day. Other cases in the spoiler, same IP always but different port as I've said, the first three were accidental connection attempts from my side when I was trying to find out what that IP was having inserted it in the address bar instead of the search bar. Firefox has a lot of useful data for me so I'd want to keep using it if possible, at this point I have reinstalled it but the daily connection attempts still happened. I'm aware Malwarebytes is protecting my PC for now but I'm unsure that will be the case once the Free Trial ends so I'd like to decide what to do before its over, if I will have to do a HDD purge and start listing what files to backup for such.
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