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  1. Nathan, thanks for the reply, and what you suggest certainly got rid of the notification, but doesn't it also turn off the service? It seems the same as uninstalling the app. I didn't want to inactivate real time protection, just get rid of the 24/7 notification that REAL TIME PROTECTION IS ACTIVE. I see this just as a never-ending ad for MalwareBytes and it annoys me. If I am going to turn off REAL TIME PROTECTION to get rid of the notification, I may as well just uninstall the app and get rid of the notification permanently, which is looking like my best solution.
  2. Thank you, Perthos, but I have already unchecked every notification box. It did not change anything. I suppose I will have to uninstall MalwareBytes to get rid of this notification.
  3. *REAL TIME PROTECTION IS ACTIVE* I am a paid subscriber *REAL TIME PROTECTION IS ACTIVE* that uses MALWAREBYTES on my *REAL TIME PROTECTION IS ACTIVE* computers & phone. *REAL TIME PROTECTION IS ACTIVE* There is a perpetual notification *REAL TIME PROTECTION IS ACTIVE* on my phone telling me that *REAL TIME PROTECTION IS ACTIVE*. It is *REAL TIME PROTECTION IS ACTIVE* annoying and not in any way *REAL TIME PROTECTION IS ACTIVE* useful. How do I turn it *REAL TIME PROTECTION IS ACTIVE* off? Thank you.
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