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  1. No, feels good to know the computer is ok. Thanks to everyone for the help!
  2. Here is the fixlog 😁 Fixlog.txt
  3. I will check the drivers, the safety scan is clean. About FRST, in the addition file there is this list of sites that are correctly listed as fake, the thing is I'm pretty sure I've only visited one of them and certainly not everyone. Why are they all they here? Are they here because I accidentally downloaded from one of them? Is it something I should worry about?
  4. Understood, so in the end it was a false positive, very good news. Thank you very very much for your help Maurice, If you want I will follow up whit this last scan otherwise you can close the topic. And if you don't mind I have a last question about the Addition file from FRST.
  5. Yes I read the report, I was pointing out that while the scanning was in progress it said there was infected files while at the end the report was clean. I don't know if that is very common or not, I just wanted to let you know because maybe it could help.
  6. Not yet, 6 hours and still going.
  7. If you are sure then ok, but I'm running another Microsoft Safety Scanner full scan and as of now there are 14 detection. Sorry if I'm bothering you too much, I just want to be sure the computer is fine.
  8. Here are the reports. I need to say that something could be wrong whit the MS Scan report, maybe its normal but before I went to bed it had already found one infected file, the scan starting time also is wrong. msert.log FSS.txt SecurityCheck.txt
  9. About Avira, I uninstalled it last week
  10. Hi Maurice, here is the log report, it look really short and not detailed so tell me if I got the wrong file. ESET has found nothing, is it because I quarantined the first file with MalwareBytes? In any case the cpu usage has not changed report_eset.txt
  11. Thank you very much for the reply, I will get back to you tomorrow when I will be able to run the script.
  12. Hi everyone and thanks in advance for any help I will receive. Recently I have noticed the fan turning up when the pc was in idle, when opening task manager I would see the cpu between 60-99% for a split second and then see it drop to the normal 2-3%. I runned the quick scan (the one that you call Threat Scan I think) that had no result (report below), then I runned an advanced scan (the settings for this scan are attached below) that found a Trojan.SmokeLoader. Since the quarantine of this file the computer behavior has not changed so here I am. I'm a computer noob but I think that the virus shut itself when I open the task manager, I did some test and the cpu act normal when the manager is running but if I close it for a moment the cpu will go up to at least 60%. Since you have a pinned post about it I must confess that the virus probably come from a pirated game, I downloaded a bunch two years ago and another one the last month, I can't exclude that the virus have been there for over two years. I also don't know what to do with qBitTorrent, the pinned topic say to not uninstall anything but also to disable it, let me know. report_quickScan_22_07_17_11.txt report_advancedScan_22_07_17_34.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
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