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  1. Sorry Sir, but I just got a new Quick Heal subscription. I also gave my PC to a Professional and he was also unable to retrive my decrypted files so I just got rid of them as they werent of any particular use to me. You may close this thread. Thank you for such quick response!
  2. Error: Upload: Can't create destination. /home/id-ransomware/public//uploads/2021/05/847b2f8e257dc40cad35ad58346b7eeec55c62081622359101/ Also I deleted the Ransomeware software so that it wouldnt encrypt newer files.
  3. This is what making me feel I am infected. Yes I was using McAfee. Now my subscription had just ended. My data isnt that important here actually. I am doing all this for the community. The File is also attached. SecurityCheck.txt
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