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  1. Thanks, that was a clear and educational explanation of my observations and the product. I conclude and agree there is no bug and mbar is working as predicted and correctly. I will close this thread. :-)
  2. Rich, sorry, forgot to attached log files, here they are system-log.txt mbar-log-2021-05-22 (08-51-26).txt
  3. Rich 1) Yes, mbar is clean to uninstall just by deleting the folder (no registry traces). However, all programs are not as compact so I monitor. 2) It wasn't just Regshot which didn't see the HKLM\DRIVERS tree, but I also ran Windows regedit which also failed to see that tree (and saw it after reboot). I'm unaware the Registry can have hidden values. This tree is protected and often can't be opened (to protect it from "accidental" deletion from the user, or malicious deletion or changes from malware). 3) "If our driver is still active that may not allow access back to the registry till
  4. When ever I want to test a program (beta or not) I install and run it in a virtual machine. I have an old rootkit program (Sophos Anti-Rootkit v1.5.4 year:2010) which seems satisfactory, but rather than download and install their new free version 2.9 (which seemed overly extensive, i.e. doing more than just rootkit), I decided to try out this Malwarebytes beta v2021.05.22.03. I also monitor what is installed (and deleted) using Regshot 1.9. As it turns out, there is no uninstall for the beta, so if one wanted to remove it completely, such programs as Regshot are indispensable. After
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