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  1. Forget it, I added a certificate and it works. Probably a good thing.
  2. I'm the developer on a site that's getting blocked. How do I get it whitelisted? Or, if there's a problem, what is it? Website blocked due to insecure login Website Blocked: zurmo.instylesuites.com v2.6.20 | Heuristics: insecure login Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this page because it may contain malicious activity. Thanks, Brian Hruska
  3. I figured out what was going on. It actually pointed out a hole in my firewall. So that's good! Thanks for following up!
  4. What I don't understand is how Malwarebytes could be detecting brute force attacks against RDP when that port is blocked at my external firewall. I have a port forwarding rule set up for RDP to use from external addresses. So I wouldn't think that any brute force attacks should be getting through. When I test 3389 from an external site it doesn't get through. So I think the blockage is working, yet Malwarebytes is reporting some external IPs trying to get to that port. Doesn't compute with me...
  5. I'm getting the RDP port blocked in my alerts. I don't quite understand how that could be occuring, because I have a separate firewall on my network gateway that does not let RDP 3389 through. How could this be blocking random IP addresses if they shouldn't be able to get to the computer? I see its showing svchost.exe as the program, so could this be something internal to my network? Trying to understand the source of the blocked ip, which is in fact an external ip address. Thanks, Brian
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