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  1. Malware.AI.1968403900, HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432NODE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\UNINSTALL\{b8ff9d27-eab9-4320-ad9b-dba303194cc0}, Nessuna azione intrapresa, 1000000, 0, , , , , , Malware.AI.1968403900, C:\PROGRAMDATA\PACKAGE CACHE\{B8FF9D27-EAB9-4320-AD9B-DBA303194CC0}\EXPRESSVPN_10.2.1.54_RELEASE.EXE, Nessuna azione intrapresa, 1000000, 0, 1.0.39305, C865E301EB872899755375BC, dds, 01197854, 16874D514A0A3FC8DB18A0F6BE04A0EC, BECD983518EA7620ED6FC67F618D0F143B076EFE8DBA9F568D1A59A489C02F2C
  2. Malware A.I 1968403900 C:/ ProgramData/ Package Cache/ (B8FF9D27-EAB9-4320-AD9B-DBA303194CC0)/Expressvpn_10.2.1.54_Release.exe Malware A.I 1968403900 HKML/Software/WOW6432NODE/MICROSOFT/WINDOWS/CURRENTVERSION/UNINSTALL (B8FF9D27-EAB9-4320-AD9B-DBA303194CC0)
  3. Hello, i did a scan yesterday and some express vpn files were reported as malware by malwarebytes? are they safe or are they viruses?
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