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  1. Hi Porthos. Yes I know. I did go to the MB site and purchase directly, for exactly the reason you state. Thank you. Rich
  2. Hi David. I'm referring to the virus/malware that the page at this link describes https://www.pcrisk.com/removal-guides/13400-complaint-email-virus This page describes a "Complaint Email Virus" and offers links to buy MB for protection. I have been told the the "Complaint Letter Virus" is similar (I believe it is in the "kitty" virus family), but infects your computer by sending an email from an infected computer to another email address also in the infected computer but adds a zip file attachment with file name "complaint-letter-<string of digits>." Infection occurs if you unzip and then open the document. A person I know had the virus and worked with a "antivirus expert." He removed the virus, he says, using MalwareBytes. We have a situation where a number of computers in an office have been exposed to possibly getting this virus. I'm trying to find out if MB actually does detect this virus is present on a PC and MAC when you do a full scan. Do you know if it does? Thank you.
  3. That is to say, if a person was infected before getting MB, and then buys MB to see if they have the virus, will a scan detect it after the fact?
  4. Thank you Porthos. And if someone has opened the doc and let the macros run, thereby becoming infected, will a MB scan find the virus and allow quarantining it?
  5. Thank you Porthos. To be clear, are you saying that the paid version of MB does, in fact, detect the Complaint Letter virus? Thanks you.
  6. Does MalwareBytes detect and quarantine the Complaint Letter Virus on Windows and MAC?
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