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  1. when you click play on a video in soap2day it opens a ad that's how they make money but anyway it opens an ad in another tab and you can just exit it and go back to the soap2day site and then click again and there will be another ad there are like 3 or something ads and then the video plays but if you have a ad block it works perfectly.
  2. i have used soap2day for a long time i have just never downloaded from it but i opened the file before and it is fine thanks for all the information though!
  3. its a file from a movie streaming website i played the video in the browser and i also downloaded it the website is called soap2day.to
  4. my upload speed is very bad and it is a 200mb file what is the worst thing that could happen if i opened this file like the size of the file is correct to the original and Malwarebytes says its safe
  5. I downloaded a mp4 file from a website and I am wondering if a mp4 file can have a virus i scanned it with Malwarebytes nothing came up but i just wanna make sure if Malwarebytes says that it is safe does it mean like that it is 100 percent safe because I don't want to risk getting an infection.
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