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  1. Its a python script converted to exe and a false positive in virustotal as Malware.AI.3806072664 my_tzoker_checker_GUI_32bit.rar
  2. I scanned it online at virustotal.com so no options enabled by me. Thanks for fixing that..
  3. Its a python script converted to exe and a false positive in virustotal as Malware.Heuristic.1008 https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/f5ea192750d61ac408823ad2bbbf5474afb4f278335211aa13194f4c701942f3/detection Thank you. tzoker_setup_64bit_v2.rar
  4. Hello, After 4 days it still appears as a virus in virustotal
  5. my_tzoker_checker_GUI_32bit.rar Python script converted to exe was wrongly assumed as Malware.AI.4243068513 virus from virustotal.com Thank you.
  6. my_tzoker_checker_GUI_32bit.rar False positive for this Python script converted to exe Thank you.
  7. OK then, that's exactly what I wanted..Thank you!..
  8. from virustotal , the detection is Malware.Heuristic.1008 from malwarebytes
  9. Hi This is an installer of a software I created in Python. One can handle his lottery tickets and has access to a lot of statistical data and is a false positive. Thanks. tzoker_setup.zip
  10. It's a script created in python by me and converted to .exe so it's definitely a false positive. Thanks! my_lucky_numbers_DDM.v.1.3.rar
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