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  1. Thanks for letting me know, albeit a little disappointing.
  2. Any news on the availability of this? I now have instructions on how to change the device settings: Enable Device Alerts To enable device alerts, follow these steps: Log in to My Account. Click the Settings tab. In the Malwarebytes for Teams section, click the Device Alerts toggle. The Device Alerts toggle is off by default. Note: To receive alerts from your devices, each device must have Usage and threat statistics enabled. For more information, see General settings in Malwarebytes for Windows or General settings in Malwarebytes for Mac. However, there is no section under settings called "Malwarebytes for teams" Should I have a different login? thanks Bruce
  3. hello, I received a nice email telling me how many threats users have in Malwarebytes for Teams, but I cannot find how to view which users are affected. I have searched the forum but cannot find the answer to this and I do not see the TAB in the the instructions within the email link that I received. Any help gratefully received. Thank you.
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