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  1. Can I also remind you that the message reads "... web sites with relatively light traffic AND HAVE BEEN REPORTED TO HAVE MALICIOUS ACTIVITY.." That was an aggressive and malicious attack on our company. Our company has NEVER been involved in any malicious activity. MalwareBytes can out fighting, so we responded in the same manner. If MalwareBytes want people to be moderated in their response, they need to stop attacking companies that are unknown to them.
  2. Also, I emailed the CEO who has refused to apologise or even comment on their defamatory wording and aggressive blocking of our legitimate web site. Like many AV companies, MalwareBytes sets themselves up as guardians, who have no concern for the businesses they affect.
  3. MalwareBytes maligned and defamed our company, the response was proportional to the threat they posed to our company.
  4. @gonzo Are you going to change your message, or do I need to widen my condemnation of the way MalwareBytes treats unknown web sites, on social media?
  5. Still no response from your CEO, are they too cowardly to respond?
  6. Not acceptable. Your defamatory message is being seen NOW - it needs to be removed NOW.
  7. Not had any contact from your CEO yet. You are damaging my business, please get your CEO to contact me.
  8. You started this by your defamatory remarks about our company. Anything I do in response has been caused by you.
  9. Have you removed this block yet?
  10. What leads you to be so aggressive towards other business? Should we start a campaign against MalwareBytes, saying that "We strongly recommend that you don't use any MalwareBytes products"? Would that be fair, would you be OK with that?
  11. aimcosoftware.co.uk has been flagged by your Browser Guard. Your defamatory language is neither warranted, nor appreciated. You don't have any idea about our company, yet you display a defamatory messages about our company. This is very wrong, by any standard.
  12. Can you please ask your CEO to contact me, I'd like to discuss this with them.
  13. What on earth has traffic got to do with it? This is just rubbish, you are defaming other companies, that is not acceptable. I can read the precise message but you are deliberately trying to scare people into not proceeding. That is neither fair nor justified. It is a disgusting business practice. Suppose we started to defame Malware Bytes, would you be happy about it?
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