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  1. Ok it failed to complete - I can see some of the items were cleared out but not all (even after another reboot). So I have run another scan - to see what other files need removing. Anyway this stalled so I have had to cancel it. Can you let me know what I can do next please as currently the client can still not use their server. Fixlog.txt
  2. Thank you I will have to check first thing in the morning! I did see your private message but didn't want to disturb you considering you are are US based!
  3. Finally managed to get the tool to run - blocked by a process first time it appears. I didnt' get an addition file - I tried to run it again with the file but it's stalled again. FRST.txt
  4. Well this is going real great I guess. No progress after two days. The Farbar application has created the registry but is stuck on the same message and won't go any further. The server is a VPS so I don't have access to go into safe mode / recovery mode or boot from usb. I think I am truly stuffed at this point. Really dont know what else I can do. Kinsley
  5. Well the install of MBAM won't open no matter what I run but it's still there in the background. I did a dump as I was concerned that the Farbar application had hung. Its been running for nearly two hours and is still on the Backing up registry message.
  6. Well how long would you expect it to take? I asked for a dump and the file was 110mb in size. I will restart it as I was under the impression that it would be done in seconds normally?
  7. Ok I'm not able to close MBAM from the task tray as its not there for me when I login to the VPS. I can see in the tasks list that there are: Malwarebtyes Service Amd nothing else runnign but the MBAM software is taking up 9-20% of any memory whilst I am unable to stop it. The server was all ok until I put this s/w on it and so it stands to reason that it has caused the server to unresponsive. Any help would be great in uninstalling it at least? Kinsley
  8. Hi I have downloaded the app and started it and it gets stuck on the registry backup - could a Trojan be cayusing the machine to run so slowly nevermind MBAM?
  9. Hi Kevin, It was the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware application which I appreciate is the wrong one now. So, how do I remove it? I can't seem to uninstall it from the Add Programs app on Windows or the Removal App from Malwarebytes. Kinsley
  10. Hi All, I found that when I zipped a file on my server I had a Trojan present in the zip (and so wasn't able to open it), so I installed Malwarebytes on the Windows Server 2016 machine and it stalled on the final part of the installation. This wouldn't finish even though I left it overnight and so I had to end the task and then reboot. When I had rebooted the server was running very slow and it seemed to be down to a bad version of the Malwarebytes application running in te background, so I tried to un-install it only to be told 'Access is denied 5'. So, I downloaded the suppor
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