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  1. Great to hear, thanks! I did have a glance at the forums but didn't actually notice those. Good to know I'm not alone in this. Curious to read how they supported that brilliant idea...
  2. Hi All, It's my first post and I normally don't do this type of thing, but I rarely get so angry about any software's policy. Perhaps you've noticed, the latest update for Windows, after finishing installation, gives the user 10min before it automatically (!) reboots Windows (alternatively one can click OK to reboot even earlier). NO option to cancel, to postpone, not even a countdown clock to know how much time one has (not that it would make things especially better). I haven't seen such an ill-considered, stupid idea in God knows how many years. It's simply disrespectful to the user. I was in the middle of work, clicked on the update pop-up (sure, why not, Avast updates every couple of days, so do many other programs), assuming it will update in the background and IF it requires to reboot, it will just notify me that a reboot is required, perhaps give me an OPTION to do it now or to postpone it (e.g. like Avast does, reminds you about the need to reboot, but lets you postpone it for anywhere from a few minutes to a year, depending on when you know you'll have time to do it, e.g. after work!). Here, I had no possibility to stop the (invisible) countdown, and as could be predicted, being in the middle of work with numerous documents, browser tabs, notes etc open, I wasn't able to check/save/close everything in time and e.g. lost many important notes I had open (Notepad doesn't have auto-save), also Word docs I now have to check to compare which version was the latest between autosave and auto recovery, etc, not to mention the time lost getting back to my workflow after a reboot. So Malwarebytes, if you're reading this, that's an UNACCEPTABLE policy. I pay for a premium licence (and so do many of my colleagues upon my advice - my org has a high risk of attacks), and I DO NOT wish to be treated like a noob who needs to be forced to do a reboot since otherwise he won't know that the software won't be fully functional after an update without it. Again, no anti-virus or other software (incl. Windows itself) does that, and MB is supposed to be the 'friendly, smart, no-bullshit' product. Well, this is bullshit. Again - sorry for the angry rant, completely not my style, but had to vent somewhere. Will also send this to support of course. Anyone else had a similar experience, or is that just me? :)
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