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  1. Although I am unsure about the files part, could have injected something all I know. I guess that brings me to another question, which is if viruses can only be apps or if they can also be normal files on mobile?
  2. Hello, I was looking something up on my phone and ended up accidentally clicking on a site that I did not mean to visit. I'd like to think that its a fairly known site? I still want a second opinion though on this, google safe browse determined it as malicious and that it tries to install anything bad, other scanning sites have marked it as safe. Now I don't know if Safe browse blocked it for me, I clicked right away once I was in the loading phase, its still in the history tab, but I doubt that means anything. superuser.com http://superuser.com/questions/74845/erase-just-the-fre
  3. Hello @AdvancedSetup I believe so, my computer seems to run well. Thanks for the help! Cheers
  4. Alright, thank you for the help so far though, I'll use this for the meantime. If anything else is needed, just tell me. Cheers
  5. Seems to work just fine, I ran the scan and then restarted. Started it up again and did another scan, no problems there. It found some Preinstalled softwares this time though. AdwCleaner[S00].txt
  6. Unless that wasn't the plan, I dunno, it seemed to work just fine weirdly enough, no crashing occured at all, I could even make a scan just fine.
  7. Hello @jboursier This version seems to run just fine? at least im at the GUI of Adwcleaner, anything I should do?
  8. @AdvancedSetup Hello, seems like it found nothing. Cheers Search.txt
  9. I'm available again if anything is needed.
  10. Hello @AdvancedSetup Here you go, finally got them. Cheers, Also just to get that out of the way, I may not be able to do anything on my PC for a while, im going somewhere for this weekend, so I hope these logs help in the meantime. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  11. Hello, Any news on Farbar? Seems like that virustotal calmed down as well with the detections, its a total of 4 now.
  12. Alright, thank you a lot for understanding, hopefully its nothing serious.
  13. Alright, but now even microsoft is picking it up as bad, 14 detections so far, jesus christ, I hope you don't mind if I wait till this is cleared up. I can't really afford end up being paranoid now.
  14. Hello @AdvancedSetup "Applicationpopup: adwcleaner_8.0.8.exe - Applicationerror: The application could not be started correctly. (0xc0000005). Click on "OK" to close the application." Just outta caution first, can you still confirm that this version is safe? seems like Farbar is getting shittons of detections all of a sudden. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/a3106ffc1378e03c9fae80214937881169dc68fae96aad6902fbf434c429899f/detection Sorry
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