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  1. @AdvancedSetup Hello, I thought as much, the issue was mostly that I was worried that this could be maybe another program masquerading as the original one, since I do have another app from where I could choose from that is called "Photos".
  2. Hey, I noticed that whenever I want to open a file with another program, there's another app besides "Photos" which is called Microsoft.Photos.exe and I'm not sure if this is the same exe as "Photos", a bug or another exe. Any ideas? I would also like to check if it comes from a legitimate folder, but I can't right click it. I also tried checking with registry if it would show me from where it's coming from, all I get is "_auto_file". Opening a random file with this exe gives me a error that says that it couldn't have been opened because I don't have the permissions to do so.
  3. Hey @mbam_mtbr Thank you so much for the reply. The Charger is from an official shop, I was mostly worried if it was capable of transfering data as well, I don't know if you can check that manually since it looks like it contains the d+ and d- pins on the usb port, but I couldn't really figure that out, in short I just wanted to assure if it was a charger only adapter. I think I got nothing to worry about then in this case I think. This might be also a dumb question but does the hidden USB trick behind a power outlet work on the old school electrical outlets? Mostly the ones with two tiny
  4. Hello, I'm once again getting paranoid again about the possibility of catching a virus through charging your phone. I've been charging with a "EP-TA200", I'm not sure if it transfers data at all, lets just say that some descriptions make it sound misleading by saying that the Cable itself transfers data, and not the charger. Eitherway I think it should be a power only adapter, so far I've only used it in home power outlets, but it should be safe to use somewhere in the public as well right? My main concern and question is, could you accidentally transfer malware with a power outlet v
  5. Hello, Alright, thank you for the insight. Explains why the program didn't detect anything. Cheers
  6. Now this is a bit weird since my program itself does not pick it up, but scanning the exe on virustotal gives a result of malwarebytes heuristics detecting it. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/0d53fde789d9648d22139de99f6394f0799b27205006f1e6d5da1e989678f01c/detection So I decided to update Malwarebytes, just to be sure and it still didn't pick it up via program. I guess I have no idea whats going on there, I'd love to know if this program is safe, but I'm unable to provide any actual logs besides the virustotal scan. 0CC-FamiTracker.zip
  7. Hello @nasdaq I did the scan. Here you go. SophosVirusRemovalTool.log
  8. Hello, I was curious about how most of you would go on about detecting spoofed emails, there's been a few things bugging me out and that's mostly where you gotta look to absolutely make sure that the mail is not coming from a legitimate source. Secondly I was wondering on how you scan emails for viruses, especially with attachments. I also was wondering if IP's could be spoofed as well, I rely on that a lot but I grew suspicious if it was possible. It's mostly paranoia from recent emails and doubting myself if im doing a correct analysis to keep myself safe.
  9. Hello, I'll try to do a scan today, been a bit busy. Thanks for your assistance so far. Cheers
  10. Hello, No drivers or leftover registries either? That's where I am still a bit unsure since it seems to use multiple names.
  11. Hello, I installed Elsword because I felt a bit nostalgic and I wanted to check it out again on steam, it didn't last long though since I saw that it used xigncode and I grew paranoid over it, now I heard bad things about the thing, mostly that it spies on its users, which I know is always a worry with anti cheating programs, eitherway I just wanna make sure that its gone for good from my system, I already uninstalled the game as well. So far as I know, the version of it is xigncode3, which shouldn't install a driver on the system unlike the older ones, im unsure about it not installing a
  12. Hello First off, this isn't a Malwarebytes detection and rather Windows Defender, so if this is the wrong place to post it, I apologize. (I was wondering where I could post false positives from different avs since its easier to pinpoint that way if I have been infected or not.) Anyway, its a mod dll file for a game called risk of rain 2. I was wondering if its a false positive? Defender is being really annoying with it. It was deemed as a Trojan:Win32/CryptInject!ml. DiggerUnearthed.zip
  13. Hello @Hardhead Thank you for looking into it, I appreciate it
  14. Im a bit late on this, but I was curious since it seems that Microsoft also got some malicious binaries of the dll from SolarWinds through, could it mean that the damage was bigger? I suppose we can only take their word that nothing else got compromised. I guess in short: im worried that they may have had their windows updates compromised and even data from outlook, skype etc. (Maybe microsoft phone apps as well but thats probably too far stretched to worry about) Could it be possible? Maybe I didn't read carefully enough and im once again paranoid about worst case scenarios.
  15. Hello, alright, I'll tell you once I'm on this PC for a longer time, thank you for the reply. Happy new year to you as well, cheers.
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