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  1. I figured it out.......... the service for the program was disabled, i might have done that a long while ago but wow that's stupid. Guess it works now just fine, anyway this exploit warning isn't anything to be scared off, right?
  2. Turned it off, tried to update again after doing so. Seems that it didn't work again, malwarebytes didn't report a exploit though
  3. If im not mistaken, it happened when it tried to run this file. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/6fef27fdc728085eb37d1472a7897b832312850881215c79bdcb84c67d05a5c3/detection I ran the update and there was no blocking this time, but the program still demands an update so it probably failed. does malwarebytes save this as a setting?
  4. Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Protokolldetails- Datum des Schutzereignisses: 12.06.21 Uhrzeit des Schutzereignisses: 01:11 Protokolldatei: 63022ac6-cb0a-11eb-9f45-c465162e4385.json -Softwaredaten- Version: Komponentenversion: 1.0.1318 Version des Aktualisierungspakets: 1.0.41607 Lizenz: Testversion -Systemdaten- Betriebssystem: Windows 10 (Build 19042.985) CPU: x64 Dateisystem: NTFS Benutzer: System -Einzelheiten zu Exploits- Datei: 0 (keine bösartigen Elemente erkannt) Exploit: 1 Malware.Exploit.Agent - T1059 - Execution, C:\MACHINE:IX86, Blockiert, 0,
  5. Hello @nasdaq, Yes, my windows updated correctly now. I assume GameGuard isn't installed? If it isn't, then my problem is solved. Cheers
  6. May I also add that my Windows has problems with installing the latest update? KB5003173 is the version.
  7. Sorry for the delay. Here are the logs. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  8. Just a wild paranoia from my side, I'd attempt to get logs if the detection rate wasnt at 14 on VT, a precaution just if something might actually be wrong. ( I know I took some logs before but thats where it was at 3 or 4 detections only.) I'll take another look tomorrow, I'll let you know when I'm ready to take logs and send them here, had a lot of stuff today. Cheers
  9. Hello @AdvancedSetup, I'd need to get new logs, but it seems that the Farbar Recovery tool has a lot of detections again, I suppose it does make me nervous even if its perfectly fine but I'd prefer to wait till its a reasonable number. I assume you can confirm that this version is also safe? It's almost like last time where the detection rate was abnormally high. Sorry for the trouble.
  10. Hello, I've had a game installed which used GameGuard anti cheat, i've been struggling to figure out if it has been uninstalled successfully since its a rootkit. I deleted 3 files and a few registries, I don't know how many registries it writes though and I bet I missed some. I also restored an older version of the system to be extra sure, but I've got no clue how effective that was. Is there a way to be sure its gone? I used Farbar Recovery to check if that finds anything, but all it found was an old error message that GameGuard's Service is broken.
  11. Thanks for the quick response, I got really nervous but I did feel that this wasn't right.
  12. Well it seems like malwarebytes has detected 47 registries and files, no idea what exactly they are of if any of these are infected files but here you go. Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Protokolldetails- Scan-Datum: 19.05.21 Scan-Zeit: 16:43 Protokolldatei: 8cc70c9e-b8b0-11eb-98ff-c465162e4385.json -Softwaredaten- Version: Komponentenversion: 1.0.1292 Version des Aktualisierungspakets: 1.0.40646 Lizenz: Kostenlos -Systemdaten- Betriebssystem: Windows 10 (Build 19042.804) CPU: x64 Dateisystem: NTFS Benutzer: DESKTOP-M0KBC2G\jor -Scan
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