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  1. Hey! Yeah, we can close, and if the problem returns I'll PM you, thanks again!:)
  2. To be honest, I'm not sure if I have the time for that these days, but I might have to resort to that if the PC slowdown comes back. It worked normally yesterday, so I figure we might've removed the thing that was messing with it in one of those earlier removal processes?
  3. You mean did I originally install it? Yeah, it's a screenshot tool, but I guess I don't need it anymore since there's this other one, Gyazo that I can use.
  4. Hmm, it doesn't seem like it affected to CPU usage/Task Manager thing, but I did an 8h work day on the PC yesterday and it didn't seem to slow down as previous days, so I guess this kinda worked? ^^ Thank you!
  5. Sure. I mean, lightshot is not in the Updater folder, but I'm not seeing the Skillbrains in that list I mentioned above.
  6. Hmm I'm not seeing the Skillbrains among the programs listed, only the Lightshot which is in the Skillbrains folder. Should I delete that?
  7. Ok, so apparently only one scanner detected this Win.Virus.Sality-6825101-0
  8. Ok, did both, attaching logs. Sophos had one detection. So I guess, my questions now are: 1) Was I right to suspect viruses causing PC to go slow over time? That is, could these things that Malwarebytes, Adw and Sophos found and removed be responsible for that? Also for CPU getting higher until Task Manager is opened. 2) Am I in the clear now? 'Cause it still seems that CPU is up to 20-30% at least when I open Task Manager, then it goes down to like 5% immediatelly. Here's a couple of examples, https://i.gyazo.com/a1ea9d28b3d3d74e62498811d2eae1e6.mp4, https://i.gyazo.com/7f170104b8
  9. Hey kevinf80! So to summarise, I download the attached fixlist.txt file and save it to the Desktop (I ran FRST from there the first time), then I run FRST and click FIX, which will delete all of my temporary files (which are not really important) and then my PC will reboot. Then I download Sophos Free Virus Removal Tool and run it. When that scan finds a threat it will stop, and I should then copy that log and after that I click Start Cleanup so the threat is removed and scan is continued? Finally I upload the logs here?
  10. So, recently, like a month ago I noticed my PC getting slower, at times quite slower, even though I'm not really doing anything on it, like I'd notice my cursor lagging like I have 2 big video games running in the background. I also noticed when I open Task Manager it's always at like 50% and then it drops fast down to 5-10%. The task manager alone wouldn't really be a proof but this getting slower thing definitely is I think, especially if PC is on for longer periods. Like last night, I left it on, and today I could barely open any page or any program, they just get non responsive immediatell
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