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  1. Hello, Yes, no PUP's detected now. Thank you very much for the help, excellent online resources and customer service! I hope the entire support team is well compensated for their work. 👍
  2. Hello, Fix seems to have worked, I couldn't find anything wrong and rebooting didn't bring the malware back. A new scan did however find 11 PUP's so I attached that log as well but the main malware looks to be gone. Fixlog.txt ScanLog.txt
  3. Hello, My PC hase been infected by a sticky bitcoin miner and I decided to try my chances at resolving this issue without resolving to reinstalling windows from scratch, so thank you in advance. The malware calls itself "SecurityHealtSystray.exe" and loads the cpu to 100% whenever task manager is not open and hides itself when openning task manager (actually quite happy that the devs included this function, makes using the computer possible without lag 🤔): I have been looking on several forums and found cases similar to mine and so the process can only be viewed wit
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