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  1. Well never mind that. I used Malwarebytes Support Tool and it solved everything. Now I've got another question - If i purchase Avast and Malwarebytes Premium won't they clash with each other?
  2. Hello, today I tried to run a scan on Malwarebytes to see if it catches any spyware or something, because my laptop has been acting weirdly for past 2 days ( mouse moving a bit by bit on it's own, programs opening on their own ). I have Kaspersky paid version, but it did not catch anything on the full scan which is why I tried running Malwarebytes, but instead of Malwarebytes starting running, it threw me an error "Couldn't connect to service". I tried various solutions including starting Malwarebytes service, but it did not work. So, I decided to remove it via "Apps & Features", but guess what? It opened its usual window when uninstalling and froze, then after a few seconds it threw up a notification that Malwarebytes has been removed from my laptop yet it's still there on my laptop and on "System & Features"! What the actual ****? Hence I tried manual uninstallation by deleting the folder just to see "The action can't be completed because the file or folder is open in another program." even though there are no files running in Task Manager or any its folder opened. I even tried to delete it in safe mode without any success. Do you know what's funny? I've successfully got rid of many viruses manually on my previous laptops and PCs in safe mode, so how comes I can't get rid of an antivirus? And here I came to a conclusion - it must be a Malwarebyte's service ( even though it should've worked in safe mode ), so I tried disabling it without success. It only gave me an "Access denied" message. So, I'm out of ideas. Any help please? I'm highly aware that there's a spyware lurking in my laptop and Malwarebytes could've got rid of it ( as it did all previous times ), but there's no use of a program that doesn't start.
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