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  1. man I got two trojan warning by scanning ps4 remote play on virus total. Better gona download Mackepper to remove this MaLicIoUs ViRuS https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/4284d2960cdf6076f51f94daf112542505fbcb50963a1e65b43ac28cf8efac8c/detection
  2. this thing it's just so odd why does the search engine react in this way. It's the site which the image is taken from that is not secure or is it the images itself messing with the search engine? 🤔
  3. how can two bacteria contact each other from far away? They use their CELLphone
  4. sometimes when I'm on google search images it randomly switches to not secure research (safari loses its lock and chrome actually informs about it). This happen on certain determined images especially on "shady search such as manga/comics panel and adult content. Im not visiting any sites I just see the images that google offers me. I know that an image can contain a virus and so I am kinda worried about it. it happened to me multiple time and every times I closed instantly the page and continue the research by avoiding the "peculiar image". I should worry about this?, can It bee really a mea
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