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  1. Many thanks for your quick response @JPopovic! Just few questions to notify our customers. How can they solve the issue? Should they update to new version or it will be "silent"? How long for the fix to be officially released? Thanks again for helping us
  2. Which sub form are you talking about? Just asking because we didn't receive any update about move...
  3. Porthos, many thanks for the quick reply. That specific URL (http://gw61.nanosystems.it/) is related to the usage of Supremo. More specifically it's the URL of one of the servers used to establish connection between the controller and the host. Therefore this URL has been blocked while trying to launch the software. We are at your disposal for further explanation. Thanks!
  4. Hello everybody, hope you are safe and healthy! Some of our customers are writing to our technical service that Supremo v. 4.2.0 (find attached .zip file) has been reported as Malware in version of MalwareBytes Premium 4.2.3 while trying to launch it. We also tried to upload the file to VirusTotal, but no engines detected it as a malware. Could you please check this false positive detection? Thanks for helping us! Supremo
  5. Thanks for the prompt reply. Please, find attached the zip files of the latest two versions of Supremo exe. As for the logs showing the detection, we cannot attach them right now cause our customers reported the issue without attaching logs: the screenshot of Malwarebytes Premium 4.1.2 is the only availabe documentation. Despite this, we'll ask our customers to provide logs and forward it to you asap. Supremo v. 4.1.1.zip Supremo v. 4.1.2.zip
  6. Hello, Supremo v. 4.1.2 (Supremo.exe) has been reported as Malware in current version of MalwareBytes Premium 4.1.2 while trying to launch it (see attachment). Once uploaded to VirusTotal, no engines detected it as a malware (including MalwareBytes - see attachments) Supremo is a legit and safe software for remote desktop control and it is distributed in more than 110 countries worldwide. At your disposal for any question.
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