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  1. Block is indeed removed & website is reached and working correctly ( i.e redirecting to proper destination ) Thank you very much for the help!
  2. Thank you for the help I followed all the directions, attempted it twice ( on both my accounts i normally use, allthough only one is the one synced ) I still get the same popup when attempting to reach clcr.me, even when logged out of all accounts, logged in to the "synced" account This also happens when using Firefox, so it is not isolated to just Chrome as far as i can tell
  3. Hi, i clicked on my own referral link from a sponsorship to copy paste the link to someone, when i did i got this message Manual scan yields no results, the question then is; is this a false positive? the link is provided by my sponsor, where the clcr.me link is for tracking how many click it. What steps can i take to confirm if it is a false positive or not, and if it is, report it so malwarebytes do not block it for other people? Cheers!
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