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  1. I opened Chrome and went to settings and the OptimumSearch extension is GONE! Thanks so much. You area a genius, you deserve a raise. Please be safe, stay healthy, and best of luck to you in the future, may you have a blessed day, week, and year, cheers from Texas. John
  2. Attached is the fixlog.txt. John Fixlog.txt
  3. FYI note: The 2 logfiles did not get placed on my desktop as you had mentioned, but rather into the original folder (my download folder) that the frstenglish application was located. I have attached the 2 text files as you have instructed. Thanks, John FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. It only seems to be running my Chrome browser. I first noticed it a couple days ago as it changed my startup screen. When I went to my Chrome settings, I noticed in the search engine section, the notation, "OptimumSearch is controling this setting". Upon further research, I then noticed the unavailability to remove this virus. Although, it doesn't seem to be effecting my Internet Explorer browser.
  5. Thanks, Maurice. I downloaded the support tool program, upon clicking the application, I do not get the "Get Started" page you mentioned, but a page titled "Hello! What can we help you with today" and 2 options being "I don't have an open Support ticket" and "I have an open Support ticket". Although, I went ahead and clicked on the advance tab and found the Gather Logs option. I have attached the zip file as instructed. Thanks, again, John. mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. I have installed, paid, and ran Malwarebytes premium, yet Optimumsearch is still on my computer. I have tried all the suggested methods of removal: 1) It doesn't show up in my Control Panel programs to be uninstalled; 2) It doesn't give me the option (trash bin) to remove in the extensions window of Chrome settings; 3) I have reset to default settings in Chrome (it re-appears); 4) I have also downloaded and ran Adwcleaner, with no results, my browser is still being managed by the virus program. It did allow me to change my opening page. Any suggestions out there on how to permanently rid this virus? Thanks.
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