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  1. Never did understand the toilet paper rush we had here lol Scared people can do unrational things. I think they had been watching too much "the walking Dead" .There was talk of diarrhoea being one of the symptoms at the start. But whats wrong with a shower hose. Our anscestors this side of the pond and yours didnt have toilet paper, its a luxury item . KIng Henry 8th just used a ferret. lol You had the gold rush, we had the toilet paper rush. Havent really had problems with food. PPE , hand sanatiser, and masks is a problem. Our manufacturing base has been desimated over the years. We rely too much on imports, here. I have said this for years, as i was a mechanical enginner and could see what was happening in the engineering factories. My wife and i work from home as well( online shop). I know i shouldnt, but sometimes i feel a bit jealous of the people who cant work from home. All the DIY projects i could be doing LOL ( hardware stores starting to open here). We are not in a city so relativley safe, i think. Doctor appointments done via video here, mostly.
  2. Porthos, off topic. How you doing in texas with this coronavirus?
  3. Has the malwarebytes premium BETA got the new anti-ransomware module? Maybe i should use that for now?
  4. Because i have used NIS and mb in the past, i never really noticed that windows security has anti-ransomware as well.How long have they had that?
  5. LiquidTension, with Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware standalone Beta the browsers open, yes.
  6. Porthos, False positive I’m afraid. After the update. After turning ransomware on, Firefox did actually open. But alas, trying to click the link for update( to see what it was supposed to be fixing) Firefox wouldn’t respond. Rebooted.No browser action again. I posted too early, in my defence it was early around:) 7am. I, sadly, got excited And posted. Turned off ransomware. Build now 19041.208
  7. Porthos, Cor you must be bored. lol Yes sorry, an update was installed this morning. I just looked at the quality updates list installed Date was 30/04/2020 Assumed it was that one. The update this morning was KB4558244 and it was in other updates? Installed date 01/05/2020 Mb also updated yesterday.
  8. Kb4550936 cumulative update has sorted it. Ransomware seems to be working, browsers can be used with it turned on.
  9. Ok. Turned Malwarebytes off and uninstalled norton 360. reinstalled the windows update. Did take some time. Thus the late reply. reinstalled norton 360 and then uninstalled again as I don’t like the way Symantec has forced 360 onto my pc. Had norton internet security and mb installed together for years without issue. Always felt 360 was bloatware and now even more. Alas same issue with Malwarebytes ransomware, even with 360 out of the equation. So permanently off now until an update fixes issue.Whatever it is. Porthos, thanks for your post. I was hoping I was helping Malwarebytes by posting this issue. I know the pitfalls of insider previews. This was supposed to be a “heads up”. That’s why I posted the build. I have got the same security setup as you now, defender and mb. Thanks. i will leave in mb capable hands.
  10. Self protection didn’t work. I will try the norton 360 reinstall tomorrow and post results. i still think something not right with the windows update. Done sfc / scannow and I think the mb support does one as well, I noticed. might even do a rollback if norton 360 reinstall doesn’t work. i thought windows update where supposed to make things better, not worse lol mind I think it was a feature update so it will take a year for us to beta test for them.lol
  11. Hi Exile360, I only get a little bit of time to play in the morning. But.... Turn ransomware back on this morning Firefox didn’t open. so turnEd off sonar in norton360 no joy turned off auto protect completely no joy turned off firewall completely no joy so that was norton off turned off ransomware joy Firefox started turned norton on joy Firefox started turned ransomware on ( confused) joy Firefox started all be it slowly So my conclusion: It’s a startup conflict, maybe as this started after the windows update, I should clean norton 360 and reinstall? I will try that tomorrow morning, brain hurting now.
  12. Thanks exile360, I must admit norton upgraded from nis to 360 just recently but I think was before the windows update. Already had the Malwarebytes files and excluded in norton 360. Had to add norton Folders to excluded in Malwarebytes but no difference. if I turn norton off and turn ransomware on it works. So it is something to do with norton 360. I will just leave ransomware off. Shame they where both working Together quite happily.
  13. LOgs without ransomware protection mbst-grab-results.zip
  14. Hi, just wondered if anybody else is getting this. I couldn’t use Any of my browsers, After windows 10 pro 2004 19041.207 update. I turn off ransomware protection, all if fine. I have used the support tool and reinstalled malware bytes and done repair system. But didn’t work. so still have ransomware protection disabled. any ideas?
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