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  1. Thank you.. I didn't even realize I was on the wrong branch Unfortunately the initial feel was wrong and Malwarebytes straight doesn't work properly here unfortunately - the lag is massive I'll quit the Insider programme as soon as it's possible
  2. Generally, Malwarebytes was the first program I've installed after the clean installation of Windows (including updating to the latest build) and performance hit was very noticeable I've tried disabling the first two and it results in perhaps 0.5/1s faster boot. The last two don't contribute at all, I believe I'm actually surprised by the latest build. The slowdown is noticable when I disable/enable Malwarebytes (before it used to render the PC unusable... could be booting even a few minutes longer) Right now I'm most concerned with being unable to register it in Action Center Th
  3. Thank you for your answer I've just formatted my PC a few days ago, so; Firstly, no, simply flipping the switch doesn't help register it in Action Center, registering with as AC provider is altogether broken in this build Other that that, I've attached the logs but I'm still suspicious about how useful they're going to be I've just updated to the latest beta and it feels like the performance regression has gotten better? Although I've only been testing it for 30 mins now mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Hello, I'm currently enrolled in Windows Insider programme, build 19592 Malwarebytes is basically unusable here, ransomware protection causes global device slowdown, web protection sometimes shuts down internet connection completely and since the latest update, the program hasn't been able to register itself in action center too I'm not trying to rant because I know you guys aren't supposed to support future Windows build. The question is, when are you going to work on this, is it only after the final 2004 build has been released? Regards, Wiktor
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