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  1. the wordpress site resides on hostgator hosting.
  2. No Threats Detected - so all looks okay on system.
  3. any help would be good, that would help me check if its the system as well as my website.
  4. I contacted Hostgator support they wern't interested unless I paid $200 for some package.
  5. Hi - its hosted with Hostgator - ( I may have put this in the wrong thread)
  6. Hi All, I have had my wordpress site hacked and code added to every page and post and others things edited too - the code is: dest.collectfasttracks.com/hjsers.js which has been added to every post/page. I am using Malwarebytes which is what alerted me that something was up and Wordfence which highlighted every post and page was infected with the code. Any ideas what to do next? Fresh install or attempt to fix it myself? Thanks All
  7. Hi - I tried the above instructions and did 1 and 2 succesfully but Malwarebytes blocked the Farbar Recovery Tool and said it was Ransomware which was odd. Anyway I reset all my browsers and factory reset my phone and it has seemed to do the trick! so far so good Thanks!
  8. Hi All, I have had what looks like a trojan virus on my website, I went to log-in to my wordpress account but at the wp-admin log in page it quickly goes into pop-up notifications from redfunchicken.com which means I can't log-in to my website. I installed the free Malwarebytes trial and thankfully it allows me to log-in but when I navigate my website I get a popup from Malwarebytes saying website blocked due to Trojan, so I would like to know how to remove this annoying pop up from redfunchicken.com, is it on my system or just attached to my website :/ Thanks
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