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  1. I noticed a few more pop ups when I click on a few more pages and clicking on other areas. Hope these can be blocked as well.
  2. When the page is clicked, or a movie is clicked pop ups appear
  3. Hi, Website pop ups dont seem to be blocked by Browser guard for https://yts.mx/browse-movies
  4. Hi, The following website is blocked by Malwarebytes: https://msbm.org.uk/ - this website is genuine and is the official website for Metropolitan School of Business Management. Hope you can review and unblock the site.
  5. Hi, Will I receive a pop-up notification if an update is available OR if an update was successfully installed when the option is enabled for Automatic updates?
  6. Hi, Does Malwarebytes Premium (Home version) include Ransomware remidiation? (incase encryption of files occur)
  7. Hi, I don't seem to receive notifications of a new update available; I still remain on the previous product version. I don't like to always click "Check for updates" as it should automatically check for product updates - can this be fixed?
  8. Hi, I have attached the Fixlog.txt as requested. Thanks for your support, the popup does not appear anymore. Fixlog.txt
  9. Hi, I have been receiving the following pop up constantly (almost a popup every minute) - I checked the path specified however i cannot seem to locate the folder in concern. Hope you can help.. mbst-grab-results.zip
  10. Hi, I have been receiving the following exploit pop up every time I work on an excel document which results in the application closing. I have attached the FRST logs for your kind review. mbst-grab-results.zip
  11. Hi, Recently I have been receiving the following exploit message by Malwarebytes when I try to execute excel/word files. I executed a complete scan however it did not detect anything. Kindly help. Thanks
  12. Thanks. On a final note, would MB have recieved this new threat intelligence on the unknown malware that was executed on my pc (and provide new signatures for this threat)? - does MB scan script files?
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