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  1. Thanks @alvarnell. I created the zip file and filed a ticket. Appreciate your help.
  2. Thank you @MAXBAR1 and @alvarnell I nuked the heck out of Chrome and unfortunately still have the same problem. My temporary workaround has been to create a new user and I don't have the problem with that new user--no sign of the virus in Chrome even signed in as myself. The trouble is something is wonky with the new user and syncing my contacts. It won't update for that user, so my contacts are old and then Messages doesn't recognize most people I'm texting with and shows just their phone numbers. Too confusing! I've tried a hundred ways to try and get them all to sync but that hasn
  3. Any help would be appreciated! Just bought the Premium version b/c I have some adware on Chrome I can't seem to remove (default21076355-a.akamaihd.net) and a tech person suggested this would work. I ran the scan and it is telling me I'm clean, but the bug is still there in Chrome. Any advice??? The trick with this bug is that I can't remove it. When I click to remove that search from my list of possible default searches, I just get a blank box. See screenshot:
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