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  1. Restarting fixed it. It's working fine today. Thanks for the help and suggestions though, next time this happens I'll refer back to these before asking again if additional help is needed.
  2. I can't find the edit button, sorry if I'm blind- I was going to also say, I've had both together for over a year and they worked just fine. They even worked after the upgrade, and worked earlier today as well. Additional context: My computer had an error that caused it to have no sound, so I restarted it to apply the fix and after restarting it, this happened.
  3. I'd very much rather not remove webroot, I'd sooner remove malwarebytes as webroot does everything it does and then some. That aside- They've worked just fine together up until today. I don't know what could've changed to cause this.
  4. Title. It stays greyed out regardless of what I do. It didn't do this until I started my computer up today. I used to have issues with the web protection disabling itself and refusing to turn back on as well, but managed to fix those somehow, and that was over a year ago. What should I do here? And yes, I have premium.
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