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  1. hi, I had a busy weekend with some success! 1) Deleted the Nvidia driver and associated applications, then did a restart. 2) Then logged on as Ian (admin) and double clicked a newly arrived Nvidia application, that I could see in the start window but still with blank screen, this kick-started the screen to work. But I didn't install the Nvidia application - I simply cancelled the install, but asked windows to update just the driver - with success. I noticed however that in file manger opening some of the recent download files seemed to hang, so I ran a sfc/scannow and a chkdsk /f command, in case the disk index was corrupted. 3) Decide to do a disk image copy of the "C" drive (SSD) back to the old HDD drive (just in case). 4) Booted of the HDD drive and then both the Ian and Jason Accounts worked! 5) After some trial and error decided to reformat the SSD disk and then image copied back the HDD image, however the Ian account works, but the Jason one still has the issue (blank screen and mouse), which has stumped me a little. Do the msconfig changes we made apply to all accounts or just to the account that was active at the time? Not entirely sure what else to try before doing a clean install.......
  2. HI, the system is actually a standard tower. I can see the keyboard being listed as Lenovo, but it’s standalone, plugging into the ps2 port directly on the motherboard. It is the Nvidia GTX 1060 card, which as been working properly but there was an update before the blank screen, so I may focus on doing a clean reinstall of those drivers. Regards Ian
  3. sorry just re-found "zip" in send to options = must be over tired!
  4. hi, here are the files. fast startup was off. other setting were set. sorry for not zipping - this machine doesn't have it installed, and the install failed...and I wanted to get the files to you tonight b4 bed. thanks Ian. results.txt ntbtlog.txt System_Information.txt
  5. hi Maurice, Firstly I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continue support in resolving this issue. I very much appreciate it. The "D" drive (HDD) was in fact the original "C" drive. In June 2016 I upgraded the system and added an SDD drive which is now the new "C" drive, that we have been working on. The migration was done using Acronis True Image 2015 software that it still loaded. My son is the main user of this machine but I have never tweaked settings as far as I'm aware he would not have done either.... he's really not into PCs in a deep way. I downloaded the package as directed 2019-09 Servicing Stack Update for Windows 10 Version 1903 for x64-based Systems (KB4515383) but got an error when running (image 1). Using the installed updates panel I took a look and could see that both these packages were installed yesterday. (I have automatic updates turned on) so at least that part of the system remains health! I have seen on some of the Nvidia forums people reporting similar/but different blank screen problems https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/geforce-graphics-cards/5/294698/gtx-1060-black-screen-issue-with-windows-10-follow/ so am wondering whether to try a complete reinstall of those applications and drivers, but as we're still running in clean mode I've assume we have already elimianate that as the potential cause? Regards Ian.
  6. hi Maurice, both tasks completed. But still have same issue in "normal mode". I actually ran downloaded and ran Adwcleaner on the 4th September before contacting this forum, so have included the details of that clean report as well as the one run last night. Also ran the ESET Online Scanner as requested. This took some time as it scanned both "c" and "d" drives and I suspect found some of the files the the original ADWcleaner had quarantined. regards Ian. _AdwCleaner[C00]_Clean_04Sept2019_.txt _AdwCleaner[C02]_Clean_10Sept2019.txt esstscan.txt
  7. quick update: Just before closing down the machine tonight I want back to normal mode in the Jason account. I then tried to get to msconfig again using the "type here to search" . This brought up the screen you'd expect (image 1) . I then picked run as admin.... this brought up the second screen (image 2), where you can see the desktop behind.... having entered the password the screen then returned to blank... So I get the sense that something is blocking the normal video feed to the screen... but obviously some are getting through.
  8. hi Maurice, unfortunately still having the same issues/behaviour in normal mode. Was able to perform clean boot (temporarily de-installing McAffee to completely stop it running) - but no further success in normal mode I'm afraid. Switched back to safe mode and installed Malwarebytes for Windows and ran the scan anyway. Results file attached. I opted to quarantine everything it suggested and tried another normal boot (still with clean boot on) - not further success other than when hitting the "windows" key the screen does show that Malwarebytes has been recently installed. regards Ian. Malwarebytes_premium_scan_report_safe_mode.txt
  9. hi, I read the script and was able to create the search_list.txt using regedit export myself. in the logs you'll note that some the register entries you wanted to remove were not found - those related to Microsoft\Windows\Setup\GWXTriggers..... I had already started to remove them..... but won't fiddle any more promise. search_list.txt
  10. hi, I initially ran the fixlist under "jason" which doesn't have admin rights. It ran and the pc rebooted. (fixlog_1) . I ran a second time under "Ian" which is admin. (fixlog_2). I downloaded and ran MBAR. MALWARE COUNT was 52! log attached. Sorry not finding a file called search_list.txt I have re-run the FRST tool again. those files is attached _FRST_2 & _Addition_2 original problem persists in "normal" mode so continuing in "SAFE" mode for now. regards and thanks, Ian. Fixlog_1.txt Fixlog_2.txt mbar-log-2019-09-08 (20-28-15).txt _FRST_2.txt _Addition_2.txt
  11. hi Maurice, Whilst the windows-key brings up that menu the start button is actually absent (a black hole!) and neither the +"R" or +"X" keys appear to work... although strangely +"P" does. The rest the start menu functionality is not working properly at all (E.G. can't logoff from there, have to use cntl+alt+del) . The W10 version is 1903 (OS Build 18362.329) step 1) Completed step 2) I've run the FRST utility again, but inside safemode so I could see what I was doing. The options I used are shown in the image below (you forgot to attach the screen shot of what you needed.) _FRST_.txt _Addition_.txt
  12. hi Maurice, nice to meet you and thanks for your help. At this stage when i run windows normally I get a blank screen with the mouse cursor. When I hit the "windows key" I get the following but clicking anything from there takes me back to a blank screen. I can get control-alt-delete , but trying to get into taskmanager simply returns another blank screen. I tried the turn off for a minute but got the same result.... only mouse/keyboard and 1 screen attached. On very rare occasions the video does return (not sure what triggers it) and I can then see the applications I launch are actually running. It looks like something is blocking the video. Running the screen direct from the MB interface has the same issue so I don't think its a video card conflict. In safe mode I was able to run the whoami on both the accounts. they returned jason-pc\jason and jason-pc\ian. I then tried to create a new account (to get a clean profile) but when it loaded in normal mode it behaves the same way. regards Ian.
  13. hi everyone, looking for help to solve a "black screen with cursor after logon problem". I've tried the usual check register entries for explorer.exe and the entry is as is should be. The "Windows" also works in terms of being visible but can't proceed from there either. So I deeply suspect its some kind of virus I'm up against. Unfortunately Mcafee doesn't find anything. Also created a new account to see if it was a user profile problem.... on first logon it was fine - so result I thought.... but came up against the same black screen on 2nd logon....... I've run an FRST scan which is attached. thanks in advance for any help you can offer. FRST2.txt
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