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  1. Thanks, one further thing if I may, the event log shows the protection date as 08/03/2019 whereas it happened this afternoon, the 23rd and at around 15:00 not 17:17 as the log?
  2. Many thanks for your help, but I didn't understand how your software could detect an attempt by my PC to contact the "rogue" site if there wasn't some some of malware on my PC but the checks I've done don't detect anything. Anyway, the Premium service should now stop any contact.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I've copied the log and attached it. I've run HitmanPro as well and that didn't detect anything other than cookies. I'm not very computer minded so wanted to be sure and have now signed up to Premium Malwarebytes log.docx
  4. Just started Malwarebytes with a trial version and had a notification to say "website blocked due to PUP" Ran Adwcleaner which didn't detect anything which I don't understand. Would the initial detection have resolved any infection or do I need to take some other action? Any advice appreciated
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