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  1. I don't recall it saying what specifically it was blocking. I'll get that report out tonight. Thanks!
  2. Yikes well now I'm worried. So some clarifications. I did not sideload any apps. The only app I've sideloaded on this tablet was the XDA forum app which has zero perms other than contacts. Like I said, I did let it do it's thing, I didn't ignore anything at all. It told me it was analyzing files and then nothing. The screen went away and there was nothing else anywhere that gave any info regarding this alert. If that file is cleaned or removed or even ignored will there be anything anywhere (logs) that says what occurred?
  3. The other day I was interrupted by a full screen alert from Malwarebytes saying it had detected ransomware. It had a small spinning indicator that it was analyzing files. It took did this for about a minute then it just went away. Nothing said it was finished or cleaned it, nothing. It still had the analyzing files up when it vanished and it said it would take a while. I found this odd that it would take over my screen with this full screen alert then tell me nothing when it was finished. I went it into Malwarebytes right after it was like it never happened. Nothing on the notification bar either. The alert reminded me of those full screen obnoxious ads that you can't back out of that say your infected and was wondering if this was one of those or was actually an alert from Malwarebytes. So what happenened? Subsequent scans showed I'm clean.
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